School begins at 8:00 --7th Grade; 8:05 --8th Grade

Dress Code

General Recommendations:

  1. Mandatory uniforms will be implemented.
  2. Uniforms are to be worn at all school sponsored events except athletics and dances.
  3. Students who move into the District shall be in compliance with the mandatory uniform specifications within five (5) school days of enrollment.
  4. The Principal may determine appropriate occasions during the school year in which the students will be given the opportunity to wear other attire in adherence with the school dress code.


  1. Tops shall be collared, solid colored.
  2. Bottoms shall be khaki or navy.
  3. Sweaters, blazers, vests, and sweatshirts shall be solid navy, solid white, solid red, solid black, or solid khaki.  
Shoe laces should be tied and/or straps fastened on all shoes.

* Flip flops, bathroom shoes, house shoes/slippers are not permitted at Zora Ellis Jr. High School.

Uniform Specifications:


  1. Female students may wear pants, shorts, skorts, and skirts.
  2. Male students may wear pants and shorts.
  3. Shall fit properly in the waist and length.
  4. Shall not be worn below the waist or over-sized.
  5. Shall not be overalls.
  6. Shall not be made of denim or jean fabrics.
  7. Shall not have cuts, splits, or holes.
  8. Shorts, skorts, and skirts, shall be hemmed and shall not be more than three (3) inches above the top of the knee.


  1. Shall be tucked inside clothes properly.
  2. Shall not be sleeveless.
  3. Shall not have cuts, splits, or holes.
  4. Shall not be made of denim or jean fabrics.
  5. Collared shirt shall be worn underneath sweater, blazer, vest or sweatshirt.
  6. T-shirts may be worn as undergarments, but shall  not show through outer shirt.
  7. Sweatshirts are not required to be tucked inside clothes.
  8. Sweatshirts and sweaters shall not be oversized.
  9. Sweatshirts that are not excessively large may be worn with collared shirt.

 Coats and Jackets:
  1. May be any color but must be removed upon entering the school and placed in a locker or designated area.
  2. Shall not be oversized.
  3. Approved pullover or button up sweaters, blazers, vests, and sweatshirts may be worn to class.
  4. Students may wear school letter jackets.
  5. Solid colored fleeces (red, navy, khaki, black, white) may be worn in the building provided there is no hood.
** Concerning hooded jackets: Hoods must be removed before entering the buildings at Zora Ellis Jr. High and the jacket must be placed into the locker.
  1. Hats and caps and other head coverings shall be removed upon entering the school and placed in a locker or designated area.
  2. Bandanas are prohibited.
Logos and Labels:
  1. Logos and labels shall be no larger than a quarter.
  1. No body piercing other than ears.
  2. Grills may not be worn on campus.
  3. Rubber bands shall not be worn around the bottom of pants legs.
  4. No suspenders.
  5. No sunglasses. Only prescription and reading glasses are allowed.
Physical Education:
Students will dress out in physical education. They will wear red shorts and white t-shirts.
Dressing out will be reflected in students’ participation grade.

 * Tops and bottoms worn too tight are distracting and inappropriate for school. Where there is a question on appropriate dress, the decision will be left up to the teaching staff and principal.

Students who violate dress code will be assigned to ISI for the remainder of the day. The absence from class will be unexcused. Repeated violation of the dress code will be considered defiance of authority.

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