School begins at 8:00 --7th Grade; 8:05 --8th Grade

Cell Phone Policy

 Confiscated Items

Do not bring to school items that create distraction: walkman devices, radios, CD players, CD's, electronic games, other electronic devices, cards, dice, cell phones, beepers, toys, yo-yos, caps, hats, do-rags, or water or toy guns. If taken up. these items will not be returned until the end of the school year. Water guns are considered a facsimile of a gun and will be dealt with as a weapon. Beepers, phones and lasers may be turned over to police. School personnel will not investigate lost or stolen electronic devices. School officials will not be held accountable for items taken up. Please do not bring these items to school. Students using cell phones at school during normal school hours will be suspended. (Talladega City Schools Board Policy 8.63)